Wednesday 16 January 2013

Evasa Orgins

The KeralaFashion Association (The KFA) was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Cochin and is the largest organization of its kind. We are a cohesive, wide association of the most important events in the Fashion industry-the week long celebrations of design, style, art and commerce known as "Fashion Weeks". A first within the industry, we are analogous to a sports league with each of our members' events acting similarly to a team within that league, but rather than teams and games, we have Fashion Weeks and runway shows.

Our core mission is to unify, organize and enhance our member's Fashion Weeks by aggregating our collective strength for the betterment of Fashion on every level. Working closely with our members, the Fashion Week owners and operators, we aspire to:

* Organize successful cooperation and sharing of best practices across our entire membership, further our knowledge and increase awareness for each event on a wide basis.
* Act as a representative voice for our members and ensure that their needs and those of their stakeholders are properly reflected in The KFA's strategy and tactics.
* Provide leadership and superior benefits for our members and stakeholders through service and continual improvement.
* Be a platform for each of our members to express their vision and unique perspective on all areas of the industry.
* Aid in the commercial success for each event and their designers without infringing on the quality of their artistic endeavors.
* Provide a cohesive global marketing platform that provides best-in-class corporate partners access to the unrivaled impact and influence that our events have on the global population.
* Support the growth of the Design community while simultaneously increasing access and participation.
* Elevate Fashion to the level of Sport and Music as a medium for sharing ideas and culture, inspiring change, building communities and to be enjoyed as a unique form of entertainment and expression.
* Use portions of The KFA revenues to support re-investment in Fashion and create solidarity between all levels of the industry.

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