Monday 11 February 2013

KFA" Launch"

We are pleased to inform you that with your support we are conducting
Kerala Fashion Association Launch "Fashion Unbuttoned 2013*"*
Details about  upcoming events of Kerala Fashion Association will be
informed within time.

Please Note : Sponsorship includes After party passes on same day.

Hope to have you as a part of KFA's family. It will be a pleasure to have
you on board.

Sunday 10 February 2013

KFA Members

The KFA members consist of emerging and established fashion industry professionals and students with a minimum of 2 years working or studying within the field. Membership in the KFA is open to new applicants that are reviewed under the terms of membership qualifications as noted above. Annual cost of joining the Association is 25,000 and benefits include: 20% discounted fees on invitations to business related seminars and networking opportunities with a variety of industry professionals, Designers participating in KIFF receive a one-year membership as part of their package.

Thursday 24 January 2013


'Set Mundu' (also known as Mundu Set or Mundum Neryathum) is the traditional dress of Hindus in Kerala. About 50 years back Hindu women in Kerala used to wear 'Rowka' with 'Mundu'. Nair women used to cover Rowka with 'Neryathu'. After that they began to use white 'Melmundu' with Rowka. Later Rowka was replaced by Blouse and Melmundu was replacd by 'Kasavu Neryathu'.
For the handloom Munduset, the main makers in Kerala are Chendamangalam, Balaramapuram, Karalkada, Mulloth, Handloom, Hantex, Kasavukada, etc. They have outlets in almost all towns of Kerala. Latest trends in Munduset are Set Sarees, Set Mundu with matching Blouse piece, Munduset with check design, embroidary hand work and block prints.
KFA is a fashion portal with academic interests in garment styles and trends. We do not produce or sell any textile or fashion products.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Evasa Orgins

The KeralaFashion Association (The KFA) was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Cochin and is the largest organization of its kind. We are a cohesive, wide association of the most important events in the Fashion industry-the week long celebrations of design, style, art and commerce known as "Fashion Weeks". A first within the industry, we are analogous to a sports league with each of our members' events acting similarly to a team within that league, but rather than teams and games, we have Fashion Weeks and runway shows.

Our core mission is to unify, organize and enhance our member's Fashion Weeks by aggregating our collective strength for the betterment of Fashion on every level. Working closely with our members, the Fashion Week owners and operators, we aspire to:

* Organize successful cooperation and sharing of best practices across our entire membership, further our knowledge and increase awareness for each event on a wide basis.
* Act as a representative voice for our members and ensure that their needs and those of their stakeholders are properly reflected in The KFA's strategy and tactics.
* Provide leadership and superior benefits for our members and stakeholders through service and continual improvement.
* Be a platform for each of our members to express their vision and unique perspective on all areas of the industry.
* Aid in the commercial success for each event and their designers without infringing on the quality of their artistic endeavors.
* Provide a cohesive global marketing platform that provides best-in-class corporate partners access to the unrivaled impact and influence that our events have on the global population.
* Support the growth of the Design community while simultaneously increasing access and participation.
* Elevate Fashion to the level of Sport and Music as a medium for sharing ideas and culture, inspiring change, building communities and to be enjoyed as a unique form of entertainment and expression.
* Use portions of The KFA revenues to support re-investment in Fashion and create solidarity between all levels of the industry.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Parvathy Omnakuttan

Parvathy Omanakuttan is an Indian model and actress who was crowned Miss India World in 2008 and later became first runner-up as Miss World Asia & Oceania at the Miss World 2008 competition.
Parvathy Omanakuttan, the beauty queen and former Miss India has been launched as heroine in the Tamil film Umamaheswaram, directed by the young Nithin Ramakrishnan. Newcomer and dancer Mani is playing the hero and Prakash Raj plays a pivotal role.

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Beena Kannan

Beena Kannan is the Managing Director and Lead Designer at the reputed textile major Seematti Silks. She is an able and enthusiastic industrialist who has elevated the image of her firm to great levels in the silk and textile industry of Kerala.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Sanjana Jon

Sanjana Jon, Founder and President of IG International, appears as an expert in international marketing on industry panel with Dierdre Bigley, VP of Worldwide Marketing for IBM during Fordham University’s Women in Business Conference.
Sanjana Jon, managing partner at boutique marketing firm IG International, based in New York, will sit as an international marketing expert at the 8th Annual Fordham Women in Business conference at Fordham University on Friday October 21, 2005. Ms. Sanjana Jon appears on the panel “Putting the Puzzle Together Again” a discussion on how companies build and maintain their brand image and the importance of recreating brands over time. She participates with other leaders in the global marketing arena including VP of Worldwide Marketing at IBM Dierdre Bigley,
This month Ms. Sanjana Jon was awarded an “International Rising Star” award in Vancouver, Canada. In November she is spearheading the IG International Miss Universe ® AIDS Awareness Tour to Asia which kicks off on Halloween at the Central Park Boat House with an event sponsoring
The IG International Miss Universe AIDS Awareness Tour to Asia is an annual 10-day Tour to Multiple cities in Asia, particularly India, whose ever-increasing population is time and again unknowingly infected; this problem goes mostly unnoticed from worldwide viewpoint. The IG / Miss Universe goal is to create awareness for this AIDS pandemic as well as raise funds for AIDS NGOs and charities based in India and abroad.
The 8th Annual Fordham Women in Business conference at Fordham University will be held on Friday October 21, 2005 and located in the 12th-Floor Lounge of the Lowenstein Center on the Lincoln Center campus. Source-

  • Sanjana left for US in 1992, is head off from her celebrity brother designer Anand Jon and is launching her own product line consisting of bridal trousseaus and a designer collection for working women and 'pret line'.
  • Sanjana Jon has masters in psychology and sociology, as also fashion merchandising, marketing and fashion photography.
  • Sanjana stepped into the limelight when she joined brother Anand Jon with her designer jewellery and subsequently debuted on Cannes, only to continue designing ensemble for the royalty. "It has been a nice balance of working with celebrities and royalty," she says.