Thursday 24 January 2013


'Set Mundu' (also known as Mundu Set or Mundum Neryathum) is the traditional dress of Hindus in Kerala. About 50 years back Hindu women in Kerala used to wear 'Rowka' with 'Mundu'. Nair women used to cover Rowka with 'Neryathu'. After that they began to use white 'Melmundu' with Rowka. Later Rowka was replaced by Blouse and Melmundu was replacd by 'Kasavu Neryathu'.
For the handloom Munduset, the main makers in Kerala are Chendamangalam, Balaramapuram, Karalkada, Mulloth, Handloom, Hantex, Kasavukada, etc. They have outlets in almost all towns of Kerala. Latest trends in Munduset are Set Sarees, Set Mundu with matching Blouse piece, Munduset with check design, embroidary hand work and block prints.
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