Monday 11 February 2013

KFA" Launch"

We are pleased to inform you that with your support we are conducting
Kerala Fashion Association Launch "Fashion Unbuttoned 2013*"*
Details about  upcoming events of Kerala Fashion Association will be
informed within time.

Please Note : Sponsorship includes After party passes on same day.

Hope to have you as a part of KFA's family. It will be a pleasure to have
you on board.

Sunday 10 February 2013

KFA Members

The KFA members consist of emerging and established fashion industry professionals and students with a minimum of 2 years working or studying within the field. Membership in the KFA is open to new applicants that are reviewed under the terms of membership qualifications as noted above. Annual cost of joining the Association is 25,000 and benefits include: 20% discounted fees on invitations to business related seminars and networking opportunities with a variety of industry professionals, Designers participating in KIFF receive a one-year membership as part of their package.