Monday 28 May 2012

Wedding Gowns & Brides of Kerala

A wedding gown is the most special and memorable garment in a woman’s life time. Even though a bit late to accept the gown tradition, Keralite brides have started accepting it with both hands and gowns are becoming a top notch style statement in wedding fashion. May be due to the allure and beauty of a Christian bride; to the surprise, even non-Christians in the state now demands for wedding gowns!
Call it a liberal attitude, western fixation, or just a measure of the changing times and trends; more and more Keralite brides are making enquiries for gorgeous gowns. NRIs as well as Kerala based Christians and non-Christian now comes to Kochi and meticulously choose wedding gowns. Hindu brides whose engagement and receptions are being held at resorts and hotels, selects gowns of pastel shades like off white and subtle gold. As Muslim custom don’t prohibit wearing gowns, they too opts for white as well as coloured gowns for mehendi functions just like Arabic weddings.
Few know that eight out of ten wedding gowns you find in the top retail outlets in our metros come from the remote northern corner of Kerala, where a designer, unleashes her creativity with utmost passion and proved that geographical limit is never a hindrance.
Most of the branded clothing shops have noticed this upcoming bridal trend and so orders are pouring in at Kanate Creations in Thaliparamba. “We sell 300-400 gowns a month to shops and retail outlets across Kerala and the price varies from Rs.4000 to 1lakh” says Shine, owner and designer at Kanate Creations.

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